'Logan' Director Explains Why He Hates Post-Credit Scenes (2018)


James Mangold doubles down his opinion on after-credit scenes.

James Mangold recently said "It's f*****g embarrassing" in reference to casual moviegoers who are happy to see after-credit scenes with each passing franchise movie. But now he has doubled down on that, and thrown "easter-eggs" into the mix too.

Read his explanation below:


“My vehemence comes from a belief that these scenes are cinematic MSG/crack. Of course they feel good. They are designed to do that, like ads, as they hook you to buy the next films and at the same time, I feel like the omnipresent expectation of them cheapens the integrity of a theatrical experience as the movie doesn’t stick its ending but rather dribbles to an end with a series of pleasing vignettes/ads for the thing they will sell you next year. So its not so much the scenes I despise as much as I fear that movies (an art form I deeply love) are not advanced when they are no longer functioning as a form with a beginning middle and end but rather as part of a serialized money machine.”


Like it or not, he raises a point.

Many movies in the comic book genre, in particular the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are unable to stick their ending because they feel like small pieces of a larger story. Did the ending hit you right in the feels? Well that's ok, we'll add another scene at the end to lift your mood and get you hyped for the next installment. Quite often it's the self-contained stories that leave the biggest impressions (The Dark Knight, Logan are examples).

Of course many fans will disagree and won't want to see an end to after-credit scenes any time soon. Not every movie must be a standalone work of art. To Marvel Studios this is entertainment, and they're treating it as such.

Mangold's rant didn't end there - he also had some strong words for "easter-eggs" - the term used for Directors who bury inside jokes, trivia and hidden messages within their movie.


“Lastly, the term “Easter egg” is a bit infantile and, at least to me, feels condescending toward a thoughtful & intellectual audience that might be treated with more respect than imagining them as kids jumping around trying to guess storylines from breadcrumbs dropped by corporations.”


Now now James, that's harsh. Many easter-eggs aren't just there for the audience to hunt, but it's the Director's way of subtly paying homage to previous actors, movies and stories. I loved Logan and that it was mostly a self-contained story. But as a fan of the genre who grew up with comics, it's good to finally see these long running stories told out cinematically over a slew of movies.


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